In 2012, the three organizations the Norwegian Ready Mixed Concrete Organization (FABEKO), the Norwegian Concrete Association (NCA) and The Norwegian Precast Concrete Federation joined forces by establishing a common Concrete Environmental Action Plan (CEAP) for a set of agreed environmental themes. The concept was to use a cooperative approach to nurture new sustainability competency and environmentally informed decisions in the selection of material and products.

The driving forces for innovation in the work have been the dedication for sharing knowledge, coordinate research and development projects and to distribute results to all levels of organisations in all parts of the concrete industry. Thus, the companies will use this knowledge in their own contexts to arrive at new products and new services.
The overall goals of the action plan are to 1) further develop existing data and knowledge for the selected environmental topics, 2) highlight and communicate the activities to the members of the three organizations to increase environmental awareness, and 3) contribute to implementation and use of R&D results within the three companies.

The following three environmental topics were selected;

1) Environmental documentation of materials and products, and how to meet the requirements of the environmental building classification system BREEAM-NOR
2) Use of thermal mass in buildings
3) Waste and recycling

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